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Our Philosophy

Dynamic Self Defense is based on the traditional martial arts philosophy of character development as the primary focus of training. Adults as well as children are expected to demonstrate courtesy, humility, integrity, self-control and respect for others at all times.

Although Dynamic Self Defense is based partially on the founders’ years of study in oriental martial arts, oriental culture, terminology and/or religious aspects are not taught in our program. This is based on the founders’ belief that martial arts should be a vehicle for human improvement for all individuals. Martial arts should not be run as  a cult or political tool.

Dynamic Self Defense is a multi-cultural training system. Therefore, all classes are conducted in each country’s native language. The traditional bow is  retained as a universal gesture of respect for the training area and to each other and has nothing to do with any religious aspects. It is simply a universal salute much as is practiced in the military.

Adult Pledge

  • To set positive goals and strive to achieve them
  • To apply self discipline to further my personal development
  • To stand for justice and honor my word
  • To promote friendly relationships among all people
  • To use what I learn in class in a constructive manner

Children’s Promise

  • To always do my best and never give up.
  • To obey my parents and teachers
  • To tell the truth and honor my word
  • To always be polite
  • To never misuse what I learn in class


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