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Children's Classes

Give Your Child an Edge with DSD!

Dynamic Self Defense instructors are positive role models that help your child develop skills for self defense and for life and give reinforce the confidence within to do what must be done.                    

Kids have fun while increasing mental focus, self-discipline and self-confidence.​

Courtesy, respect for parents and teachers, and good conduct grades are all required for Junior Students in Dynamic Self Defense!

Benefits for your Child

​Self Defense Applicable for Children
Unlike other activities, the defense skills your child learns may one day save his or her life! And our Instructors are trained to teach your child in a way they can understand.

Flexibility and Motor Skill Development
Our training develops motor skills equally all over the body: legs and arms, right and left sides. This develops balanced, overall coordination and strength.

Goal Setting and Achievement
Our belt rank system is designed to improve your child’s self esteem by giving visible recognition at reasonable and regular intervals. These in turn support the child in learning to achieve long term goals that might otherwise seem unattainable.

Interpersonal Skills

Our strong emphasis on courtesy and character development, teamed with our instructors’ attitude of mutual respect and support, builds an important foundation of social skills that can help your child become a future leader.

Dynamic Self Defense Promotes Universal Family Values!

Virtues of respect, humility, and self-discipline are strongly emphasized, along with leadership skills including goal setting, self-reliance, and personal responsibility. There are no spiritual or religious aspects taught, and there is no emphasis on foreign cultures or languages. We are family oriented, and always welcome parents in our classes.

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