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How We Are Different


Dynamic Self Defense is a system of natural, easy-to-learn movements designed to allow individuals of any age or size to defend themselves against larger attackers.​ We offer practical self-defense skills designed to work in real life situations – not fancy, complicated moves designed for tournaments or based solely on art form.  We also cover all ranges of self-defense, including ground defenses.


We don’t emphasize competing in tournaments or competitive free sparring.  Instead, we utilize a unique system of drills to develop conditioning and reflexes, and apply them to street-realistic scenarios.  This results in more effective self defense training, more positive attitudes, and helps minimize the chance of accidental injuries.


All our movement skills are based on modern principles of Exercise Physiology and Sports Science for maximum safety and efficiency.  There are no tense snapping movements that ‘lock out’ (these lead to hyperextension injuries) or rigid stances as are often found in many traditional styles.  Instead, our training is based on a natural, fluid ‘kick-boxing’ type of movement with relaxed, movable stances.  This results in safer, more effective training and enhanced skill development.  All classes incorporate proper warm-ups and cool-downs based on gentle stretches similar to Yoga.



Traditon vs. Reality

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