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Adult Classes


As a side benefit, you will get a great cardio and muscle tone workout. Dynamic Self Defense is a complete fitness program for all ages and fitness levels. You begin with step by step instruction and gradually increase your personal fitness level at your own pace. Dynamic Self Defense is an ideal family activity as you, your spouse and children all develop your skills and increase confidence together.


Dynamic Self-Defense Provides Practical, Modern Martial Arts Training For all ages!

Through our self-defense focused curriculum, you will learn how to defend against real world street attacks  in a safe and friendly family environment.

Some of what our students learn.....

  • Situational awareness, recognition of criminal behaviors.
  • Tactical avoidance and escape techniques.
  • Effective blocking, striking, and kicking techniques.
  • Targets and weapons of the human body.
  • Close range defenses against grabs, headlocks, chokes and other attacks.
  • Ground defense and escapes applicable to sexual assaults.
  • Grappling techniques, including takedowns, throws, pins and submission holds.
  • Defense against multiple attackers.
  • Defenses against club, knife, and close range pistol attacks.

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