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What is Dynamic Self Defense?

Self Defense for Real Life Situations

 Dynamic Self Defense is a Mixed Martial Art (MMA) which incorporates the most practical and useful techniques from many martial arts to bring you a safe and effective way of preparing for the worst. No Competitions, No Mysticism, Just Real Self-Defense.

Check out our founder in action!

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A Friendly, Family Environment

 While the techniques in Dynamic Self Defense are very combat oriented, they are taught in a safe and wholesome family environment. Good manners, respect and self control are emphasized in all classes.


Total Fitness and Holistic Health


You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of our art, including increased muscle tone, flexibility, yoga and cardiovascular fitness. Students begin with individual instruction and work at their own pace, gradually increasing their skill and fitness level. Along with total fitness, we also encourage our students to practice healthy nutritional habits so our students will enjoy the benefits of healthy living!

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