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Master Gideon Hajioff


Master Hajioff founded Dynamic Self Defence  in the U.K in 2001, but was developing the techniques while running various Martial Art schools for 15 years prior. A black belt in taekwondo, krav maga and kick boxing, Gideon is also a qualified acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist and personal trainer. He can be found teaching at the Hendon, Stanmore and Ealing branches and in his spare time he is a family man or on his motor bike on the open road.

Grandmaster Hajioff’s years of study in Martial Arts prompted his interest in studying the body and the ways that it is capable of recovery from injury and trauma.

After studying Biomechanics, nutrition and sports massage, Gideon chose the non-invasive methods of the Orient and was among the first to graduate from the University of Westminster's acupuncture degree course. Since then, he has studied and practiced in China, taking a particular interest in Japanese acupuncture and gained diplomas and post-graduate training in Western and Oriental practices.His postgraduate training in Craniosacral Therapy, a branch of Osteopathy, enables him to combine this treatment with acupuncture, to offer the most appropriate treatment tailored to the patients needs.

Master Hajioff personally oversees four successful schools in and around the greater London area, and is head of Dynamic Self Defence, United Kingdom.


Master Gideon Hajioff

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