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  Dynamic Self Defense

     The Modern Martial Art ​​​​​​

We Specialize in Women's Self Defense!

Real Life Situations
    Reliable Methods
      Real Self Defense

Practical Self Defense

Dynamic Self Defense is designed for real-life self defense. We've incorporated the best techniques from many martial arts to bring you a safe and effective way of preparing for the worst. No Competitions, No Mysticism, just real self-Defense.

Safe Family Environment

Contact us for more information at or call 404-661-2714

Women's Self Defense Atlanta, GA.

In our Women's Self Defense course, we teach awareness to better avoid dangerous encounters, as well as simple but effective techniques so you know how to defend yourself. 

Come train with us!

​​While the techniques in Dynamic Self Defense are very combat oriented, they are taught in a safe and wholesome family environment. Good manners, respect and self control are emphasized in all classes.

Total Fitness


​​You don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of our art, including increased muscle tone, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Students begin with individual instruction and work at their own pace, gradually increasing their skill and fitness level.


We teach Weapon Defenses, Control and Restraint and Takedown techniques for Law Enforcement and Security!

        Student Testimonial

Became a Black Belt on Nov. 11, 2019!

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